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Property Tax Appeal


You might be surprised at the answer.


 Did you file a 'Property Tax Appeal'?

Do you have an appraisal to support your claim?


A professional, independent, third-party appraisal is the most credible way to support your claim of a different value.


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 Our experience and knowledge of property values in Central Ohio can assist homeowners in supporting a claim of a different value.


 As experienced, licensed appraisers we will prepare an appraisal that will stand up to the scrutiny of the appeal board.  We have extensive experience preparing appraisals for the Property Tax Appeal process, 

from the initial data research,

the appraisal inspection, determining which appraisal format is best for your property, to the preparation of the appraisal, as well as testifying before the Board of Revision.  


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How Our Tax Challenge Works

We start with a property analysis to determine a range of value of your property.  This way you can determine if your appeal is warranted

If you determine that an appeal is warranted and you decide to proceed, we can provide you with an appraisal that can be submitted with your appeal.

It's that easy.

 The tax savings may surprise you.

More Information about Property Tax Appeals

 We often find errors in the County Auditor's data representing your property. Many times the correction of this alone has resulted in lowering a homeowners property taxes.

A Common Error:  Square Footage

Many times we find errors in the auditor's data pertaining to homes.  A common error is square footage.  Square footage plays a big part in what your property's value is. Generally speaking, the larger the home, the higher the value, and that can result in higher property taxes.  As licensed appraisers we can properly measure the property, and include a sketch with the appraisal to be submitted with your appeal.  

Recently we completed an appraisal for a homeowner in Dublin, Ohio to find that the County Auditor had his property's square footage over recorded by almost 2,000 sq. ft..  The auditor's records had recorded many of the high-ceiling areas as second floor square footage. He had been paying his property taxes for 18 years based on that mis-recorded data.  This is just one example of issues we see everyday that can effect your property tax bill.

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